Calculate Resistivity

Simple calculator for the resistivity (line resistance) and the line conductance of a cable. To calculate the resistivity and line conductance, you need the length and cross-section (or diameter in the case of a round cross-section) of the conductor and the specific conductance or specific resistance of the material. Please enter one value each for three of these four value categories to calculate the fourth value.

The formulas are :
R = ρ * l / A
A = π * d² / 4
σ = 1 / ρ
G = 1 / R

Units: Ω = ohm, S = siemens

Length l:

Diameter d:
Cross-section A:

Specific conductance σ:m / ( Ω * mm² ) = m * S / mm²
Specific resistance ρ:Ω * mm² / m

Line conductance G:
Resistivity R:

Example: a 5 kilometer long copper cable with a diameter of one centimeter has a line resistance of approximately 1.08 ohms.

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