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Write Out Powers

Writes out numbers with power notation as a number with many numerals. Numbers with many digits are often written as a power, e.g. 1.5 * 1012 or 3e-9. Here 1.5 and 3 is the multiplier, 12 and -9 is the exponent. The base is 10. These numbers are written out as 1500000000000 and 0.000000003 respectively.

Please enter multiplier and exponent to have a number written out. The exponent must be an integer, which can be positive or negative, it can range from -49 to +62.


Number written out:

Concert Number into e-Notation

Here a number can be converted into the power notation with e. 2e+3 e.g. is 2 * 103, respectively 2000.


Power notation:

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