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Calculate the Profitability of Solar Charging

Calculator whether the purchase of a solar-powered power bank or power station is worthwhile for the electricity generated alone. Of course, there are other reasons for purchasing such a device, such as outdoor use away from power sources or emergency care. However, the following calculation only refers to the value of the electricity generated by the photovoltaic module compared to the price of the device. The minimum number of charging cycles should be specified by the manufacturer of the device. If the calculated ratio of savings and spending is greater than 100 percent, the purchase has been profitable alone financially, apart from other benefits. But it can take some years for the money to come back.
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Example: a power station with a 1024 Wh battery and a solar panel costs €1100. According to the manufacturer, it can be fully charged at least 3000 times. With an electricity price of €0.40 per kilowatt hour, electricity can therefore be generated for at least €1228.80. The savings to spending ratio is good at just under 112 percent.
Assuming 5000 charge cycles, you can expect €2048 of electricity generated and a nice profit with a ratio of 186 percent.

The big unknown factor is of course the lifetime of the power station. You can be lucky or unlucky here. Experience has shown that the specified charging cycles can tend to be far exceeded, but this is not completely certain. In addition, most batteries are not monitored how often they have been charged, so a value can only be estimated.
According to the state of the art in 2023, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) is a good material for durable and safe accumulators.

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